Celebrating Silence

Work keeps me away from the Navratri celebrations in the Art of Living Ashram this year round. Words fail me to describe what it means to be at the Ashram during this nine days. Last year I was fortunate to be at the Ashram doing the advanced meditation course. The atmosphere, the yagnas, the chantings, the celebrations, the satsangs are mind blowing. Talking about Navratri, Guruji says:

” As we take nine months in our mother’s womb, before we are born, we take these nine days to go back to our source. These nine days are to be spent in satsang, meditation, silence and knowledge…”

Those who want to catch up on the celebrations over the net can register here.


One thought on “Celebrating Silence

  1. A lot of people asked me about what navratri was and for once I wasnt at a loss for words..I told them what guruji said about tamas,rajas,sattva..As for me Im trying to recite verses from Soundarya Lahiri everyday…i googled “niranjan” which appears in the last verse and Lo!it brought me to your website.Maybe you would like to know the context in which it is used-Adi Sankara who wrote the sublimely beautiful Soundarya Lahiri says in his last verse”Just like doing niranjana (lamp waving ceremony) to the sun is but offering Surya his own nature,just like offering moonstone to Chandran is but offering him a part of his own nature,so is this poem of mine…all the beauty in it is but a part of you own nature,O Goddess.”
    well by adding a verbose comment to your blog I hope im not violating the principle of mouna(silence)!!

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