From Entrepreneurship to Giving it up all!

First it was the Crossword Annual Book sale followed by the Bangalore Book sale and now the Strand book sale. Irrespective of the fact that I had decided, I won’t splurge on books any further, I did end up with a handful on my hand.

Couple of reviews this week:

Subroto Bagchi’ “The High Performance Entrepreneur” is a must read for anyone within the Software Industry today. Written in typical Subroto style this makes for fascinating reading. MindTree’s website has reviews from variety of Business Magazines collated at a place. Undoubtedly this book will occupy the top slot in my bookshelf.

John Wood’s “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World“. My association with the Art of Living Foundation and some of it’s activity has awakened a sense of purpose in life and I constantly read about people who make a difference in other’ life. John Wood’ story about how he quit Microsoft to follow his dream of making a substantial difference in Children’s lives in 7 different countries including India makes for great reading. “You can pull a bandage slowly and painfully or quickly and painfully” he says. I am still painfully struggling with my bandage’s in life currently. A good review is here

I also picked up Steve Hamm’s “Bangalore Tiger” – this one is all about Wipro. Put in comparison with with the above 2 books this pales in comparison. Still gives an insight into the working of Wipro and if you are part of the Industry, you can make things out.


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