A Guru waits for his loved ones!

Little incidents like this show the real, compassionate and gentle face of my dear Guruji.

Last evening, in our weekly satsang, I had the opportunity to meet Capt Roy, a pilot with one of the leading airlines and this is what he told us about his meeting with Guruji.

Apparently he was scheduled to fly down from Pune to Bangalore and when he reached the airport, he saw a lot of crowd and security. He asked one of the police officers on duty as to what was happening and the police officer dismissed him saying “koi baba ja rahe hain” (some baba is flying out).

He got in the airport and saw a lot of youngsters wearing the Yes+ T-Shirts and that’s when he realized that the “baba” the Police officer reffered to was none other than Guruji himself.

When Capt Roy reached the plane and checked with the flight attendants they confirmed that Guruji was actually scheduled on his flight!

In a true Art of Living style, Capt Roy opened his mid flight announcement with “JaiGurudev”. After the flight reached Bangalore, Guruji told the flight attendant that he would like to meet the pilot and he would wait for him below on the tarmac.

Guruji disembarked and waited for a good 15/20 minutes for all the passengers  to disemabark and for Capt Roy to finish his post flight duties and met him.

Moments like these are precious. Just goes to show how much Guruji cares for his devotees.  Irrespective of how busy His schedule is, Guruji takes care to meet his devotees and when he is talking to you – even though it could be for as short as 30 seconds, he ensures that his attention is on you for that period, irrespective of the mingling hundreds trying to get his attention.
Towards the end of the conversation, Guruji asked Capt as to when he would be seeing him again and Capt replied “During the first week of Feb at the Pranayam Dhyaan Shibhir Guruji”!

So all those in Bangalore, here is your opportunity to get to do Yoga, Pranayam and meditation with Guruji himself on Feb 5th to Feb 8th at the Palace Ground. For more details contact +91-80-28432273/74


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