Via [Before I forget] an interview with Daniel Goleman at FT

“Listening poorly is the common cold of social intelligence. And it’s being made worse by technology. To have a human moment, you need to be fully present. You have to be away from your laptop, you put down your BlackBerry, you end your daydream and you pay full attention to the person you’re with. It may sound rudimentary, but think about how often we just keep multitasking and half pay attention. You can overcome that by becoming mindful of what is happening.”


2 thoughts on “Listening

  1. But Raj,
    Multi Tasking is of great importance if you want to get things done these days.
    A person is considered intelligent and successful only if he can multi task effectively and accomplish many things in the given amount of time he has.
    Of course this is at the cost of his health and quality of time spent with familly especially children.
    But that’s life!
    Asha Ashok

  2. Asha, Success or intelligence is not measured by multitasking and neither something that hurts personal relationship and health is important enough in life. I think it was Buddha who said “When you sit, sit, when you walk, walk. Don’t wobble”.

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