Twin Treat!

I had heard about Bhanu Didi getting the 8th national Sadguru Gnanananda Award a few days back. Yesterday I received a snail mail from Dr. Prakash Vinjamuri of Life-HRG and I was delighted to read that he too was the receipient of this award. This was like a double treat for me. An award being shared by two people that I personally know. Ved Vigyan Maha Vidya Peeth belongs to the Art of Living Family and Didi is Guruji’s sister.

I had written about Life-HRG earlier. I know the dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice that Dr Prakash and his wife Kameswari have put in towards uplifting the poor and underprivileged through their outreach clinics. This was a much deserving award for LIFE-HRG. The money from the award, as Dr. Prakash, wrote in a email earlier today, helped them clear one of the loans they had taken to make Life HRG work.

I wish more power to the Dr. couple! If anyone wishes to know more about Life-HRG, feel free to drop in a note to Dr. Prakash at lifehrg [at] gmail dot com


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