Thanks to the unknown KSTDC driver!

End of last week, I flew down from Hyderabad to Bangalore, picked a pre paid taxi from the KSTDC counter to go home. While booking the taxi I also picked up a copy of a newspaper from the KSTDC counter. Reached home,. got ready to go to office, only to realize that my cell phone was missing. I had taken a call in the cab and later had left the mobile besides me and picked the newspaper to read. As I neared my residence, I probably kept the newspaper on the cell and got off from the cab.

I called from the local landline, it kept ringing but I couldn’t hear the cell ringing in my house, then I realized I probably might have left it in the cab. I had very little hope of getting it back – I had previous experience of losing my mobile – so called Hutch, got my SIM card suspended. On a hunch, called the KSTDC counter and told them that I probably left my mobile in the Taxi and got a standard response that if they happen to find it, they will call me back.

And surprise, within two hours I had a call from KSTDC asking me to come and collect the mobile!

I was pleasantly surprised by the honesty of the driver and the KSTDC staff. My effort to meet the Taxi Driver went in vain as he was away on another trip.

Events such as this reinforce my belief in the goodness of the people at large.

Another big lesson – I use my E61 extensively for browsing and checking my emails. It is the first time I realized that how dangerous it could be to lose my cell which contained a lot of personal sensitive data. Naturally, the first thing I have done is to ensure that I delete any sensitive information. It isn’t worth keeping it on the cell anyway!


3 thoughts on “Thanks to the unknown KSTDC driver!

  1. Nice story, Raj. I have heard stories of auto drivers in Chennai returning cash which was left in their auto. I completely agree with you. Most people are good, sadly, we only notice the few not-so-good ones.

  2. Raj ,

    Vinod here, got to ur space from Nimmy’s blog and found some good posts & will continue my read. Regarding this post, my bro who lost is mobile in Metro also got his mobile, still ppl are there who are loyal to themselves and makes us all belive in LOYALTY!!!

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