Vishnu in the boardroom

I happened to step into VM this sunday afternoon only to find a seminar on Leadership for Youth taking place. The place was full with a hundred odd youngsters and the speaker was a young guy clad in a dhoti and kuta talking about “Vishnu in the boardroom”. I thought the choice of topic was very unique and I stood there to hear him but then as he started speaking or rather telling stories from mythology and connecting the dots between Mahabharata to Ramayana to Puranas to Bhagvatham, an amazing thing happened, the audience sat there totally immersed and transfixed in his stories – trust me there is nothing tougher than getting a hundred odd youngsters to sit and listen to a talk on mythology. And as far as I was concerned, I was so mesmerized by the talk given by this young doctor mythologist, that I spent most of my time at VM, leaving other tasks rather incomplete.

If you ever have a chance of hearing DevDutt Pattanaik speak, don’t give it a miss.

For now to satisfy your curiosity do head over to his website and read some of his articles.


3 thoughts on “Vishnu in the boardroom

  1. hi,

    i too was in that seminar at vishalakshi mandap. and i was one of those 100 odd youngsters that you talked about.. i missed too many things that he said because i did not have any paper to take notes on… if you have any notes do post it.. will be really great.. thanks…

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