Guru Poornima!

Kabir sang so very aptly:

Guru Govind dono khade, Kiske lago Paye?

Balihari Guru Aapne, Govind Diyo Bathaye!


Guru and God stand side by side,

Whose feet should I touch?

O Guru! I offer myself

At thy feet since you showed me the path to God!

July 29th was Guru Poornima – The full moon day dedicated to the master – all the masters that walked this earth! As I have written several times, my life has changed so much for the better since my first encounter with Guruji way back in 2000! This Guru Poornima was different, with Guruji being out of Bangalore, I felt an acute sense of longing. There are bits and pieces of what Guruji spoke on that day floating around, but am yet to get hold of a coherent piece. So, If you were in the presence of the Master that day, please do share what he spoke.


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