Protecting and Conserving our Environment

Life has become pretty hectic and hence the paucity of posts on this blog. A month back I had committed that I will post on a topic related to Environment. So this post is part of the Blog Action Day movement.

The Blog Action Day had chosen environment as the topic and how appropriate that the Nobel peace prize for this year has been awarded to UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (IPCC).

I moved 15 years back to this lovely green city of Bangalore as it was then. I used to commute very frequently between Hyderabad and Bangalore and the usual mode of transport was bus. As we used to approach Bangalore, one could see miles of tree lined avenues starting all the way from Chikkaballarpur and stretching right upto Sankey Road. It is a pity that the entire stretch of trees have been cut down and what we see today is a city bereft of its green cover.

I can lament about the lost green cover or I can take some action. Today’ post is a call for action, to protect our environment. Tree plantation is one of the greatest means of overcoming global warming as trees convert excess Carbon-di-oxide to Oxygen. The least we can all do is to plant a tree or two in our house and neighborhood. If you are staying in a apartment make an effort to line your apartment boundary wall with trees.

LakshmiTaruThe Art of Living Foundation is recommending plantation of Simarouba Glauca Tree also known as Lakshmi Taru for the several benefits this tree provides. I have personally bought a few hundred seeds and have given it to a local nursery for germination. There are a few plants available that I can personally deliver for free in my neighbourhood (in and around Kalyannagar, Kammanahalli and Banaswadi area). So if you happen to stay in and around this area and do have space in and around your house/apartment, feel free to drop me a note before Nov 30th 2007 at RajWaghray at gmail dot com


4 thoughts on “Protecting and Conserving our Environment

  1. Welcome back Raj. Good work on the planting trees project. Let’s hope many more people join you and make Bangalore green again.

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