Travel Notes

I am in US for a couple of weeks on work. I usually don’t have a jet lag when I travel to the west, but it was different this time. I was waking up at odd hours. Instead of fretting over it, I decided to utilize the waking hours by adding more rounds to my Yoga and Meditation practice and it has been wonderful so far.

Coming from India, one thing that strikes straight away is the lack of noise in this place. Just sitting and observing this noiselessness takes me deeper into meditation.


I don’t drive in this country and that makes it feel like I am in a jail all the time. And I have to be dependent on someone or the other for all small errands. Wish they had better public transport. Maybe a case for exporting some Autos from Bangalore!

End of Aside

Update:  Just read this article titled Reflections on Stillness by Desmond Tutu in Yoga Plus

I am deeply thankful for those moments in the early morning when I try to be quiet, to sit in the presence of the gentle and compassionate and unruffled One, to try to share in or be given some of that divine serenity. If I cannot or do not spend a reasonable amount of time in meditation early in the morning, then I feel a physical discomfort—it is worse than having forgotten to brush my teeth! That is one way I know that I would be completely rudderless and lost if I did not have these times with God.


One thought on “Travel Notes

  1. Hi Raj,
    i do not have experience with meditating, but I do have a lot of experience with the aside point you have made. It is so crippling without your own vehicle. I travelled mostly to Florida, there is nothing called a public transport there.

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