Travel Notes – 2

The other night, at my cousins place, while dialling 011, I dialled 911, the minute I dialled, I realized I had called 911, I disconnected even before it rang. To my surprise the 911 squad was there at the doorstep within 5 minutes. Talk of being embarrassed!

Meanwhile, I had this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Art of Living Part 1 course happening in New Jersey. It was such a wonderful coincidence – a part 1 course happening within a miles radius of where I am staying. Got to meet some wonderful people!

As I prepare ready to depart from US, the weather doesn’t look good. I hope the flight does take off on time!


3 thoughts on “Travel Notes – 2

  1. Hello Jijaji,
    I hope you enjoy your part 1 here let us know how it is different.
    Talking about 911 I really appreciated their promptness when I called—–I was in a ditch 10 feet deep!!!!!!!!

  2. As Kavita says 911 is a fantastic service. This mistake is especially popular in the teaneck office where you have to dial a 9 to get an external line and people trying to call India dial 911 instead of 9011. Have a safe trip back home Raj.

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