Living my dream!

I am taking some time off from the Industry to volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation. I have been wanting to do this for long. In my first few posts on this blog I wrote:

For the last 2 years or so, there has been a deep yearning to give something back to the society in whatever way we could. We started off with contributing to organizations and causes in whatever modest we way could. However there was always this feeling that by donating money itself, one is really not doing a service……

Things changed over time in the last four years since I wrote that sentence, only that the yearning to do something more concrete for the society deepened. I dabbled with NGO’s and charities including a venture of mine that failed to fructify due to finances. At the same time, I started getting more and more involved with Art of Living, listening to Guruji, meeting Him and being in His presence to the extent possible. As my practices deepened, I began to experience a deep sense of peace and reverence for life and the realization that we are all connected. And one fine evening in April 2005, Guruji said “Become a teacher” and my life took a different turn… It was in late 2007 that I was blessed to teach the ever popular Part 1 course part time.

But that was just the begining of making a difference in people’ life! And then the thought began to surface that I should probably take a sabbatical to teach the courses and spread the joy and peace of being still! I bounced the idea off with Meena and had her full support and then in discussion with my brother and sister-in-law it got more and more firm.

I wanted to do something more…. and the more I thought about it, it became clearer to me that it was not possible for me to sail in two boats at the same time and do justice to either of them. I don’t know how many hundred times Meena and I discussed this option…over and over again..Trust me, this wasn’t an easy decision to chuck away a well paying job to volunteer full time for a year. The loss of pay apart, I am still not sure how this will be received in the Industry when I chose to return.

Anyway, no major decisions are taken with Guruji’s blessing and knowing that He does not encourage people with responsibilities to quit their job….I approched Him with a great deal of hesitation in March and told him about my plans. He agreed and the decision was sealed that instant!

It was only in June end that I was able to resign and move ahead.

So here I am finally living my dream and passion! I am also looking at this period as a time for deeper introspection, renewal and growth. Will continue to blog occassionally as usual!


8 thoughts on “Living my dream!

  1. Dear Raju jijaji,
    Just be assured that we are all with you.Good luckin all you want to acheive.
    Dinesh and Kavita

  2. Hi Raj, that is a very brave decision. Anyway iam a firm believer of Karma & Dharma. ‘Take care of Dharma and Dharma will take care of you’.

  3. You do not have to worry about how the industry will accept when you return…..Guruji will take care of that beautifully…. that I have experienced.

    I really admire that you are taking a full year off to be this instrument of Guruji with all your family responsibilities and with full approval of your wife. Your wife is the one to be complimented for her support I feel. This is something that I too want to do…. and you are definitely an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Jay, That’s absolutely right! Meena has been a strong pillar of strength and without her support, understanding and love this step wouldn’t have been possible!

  5. Raj,

    I am feeling so awkward to admit this! I did not even realize that you’d started blogging again!! Have been wondering what it is that you’re doing now and thank God, I finally realized your blog is alive again and here I am reading all your posts! No surprises for me…that you’re with AOL.! 🙂 I am sure this long and spiritual break will equip you better for life! Kudos to you for taking such a cool decision! God bless…

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