Snake in an ICU

Recently saw a big snake crossing the service road in HRBR layout and last week a 7 feet long snake made its way into one of our friends house and then I come across this post:

Every moment around Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a lesson in the Art of Living!
I heard this latest story from Sangeeta Jani-

Recently a big King Cobra had been lying inside a water pipe in Guruji’s Kutir.
When Guruji realised that the the snake had not moved for a couple of days, he had the snake gently removed from the pipe and called a veterinary doctor. The doctor diagnosed the problem as that of food poisoning. Guruji was so concerned about the health of the snake that he had the snake moved to an intensive care unit in a veterinary hospital in Bangalore.
This is another glimpse of our master’s unconditional love. His love is constant, be it male or female, rich or poor, human or animal.


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