Little Visitor

Seems like animal stories time on this blog!  This is a busy week for me with lots of travel and I was busy preparing for it. The IT returns had to be filed and then one of my friends wife underwent a surgery today morning, so a hospital visit was due and I had pushed out some last minute purchases and packing to evening. After the visit to the Hospital in the evening, as Meena and I entered the house, saw a very small puppy right inside the gate – our first instinct was to locate its mother. Now there are several street dogs in our street, but we hadn’t seen a litter, so were surprised to find it and the kids were very very excited, it was their dream come true – a puppy at home!

We got some milk to feed it and then to our horror discovered that it was badly injured – the tail had come off. We took it to a vet and discovered that it was only the skin that had peeled and luckily the tail was still there – got it dressed, bought the medicines, brought it back to the house, wrapped it up in a warm cloth and tried to feed it again without luck.

We leave early morning tomorrow for an outstation trip and we just couldn’t leave the puppy without having someone taking care of it. Made several calls to CUPA and Karuna Animal Shelter, but couldn’t get them to coming round to pick up the puppy. There was no power at home, it was threatening to rain as well and in the middle of all this, we had someone drop by to pick up few saplings of LakshmiTaru – talk of timing! So we ended up taking a trip to CUPA to leave the puppy in their care.

All my thoughts tonight are with the puppy – I just hope it gets good care and good owners through CUPA.

Providence had it that it entered our house at the right time, a little later, it would have gotten dark and we wouldn’t have noticed it at all! Meena and I were reflecting about this as to how things turn out to be. The three hours were all that we were meant to be part of the Puppy’s life and that’s how it goes with life as well, isn’t it?


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