Guru Poornima Message

Last Friday was Guru Poornima and I was fortunate to be present in the local celebration at Hospet where Shri Naikji conducted a special Guru Puja and sang some scintillating bhajans.

Attached image has Guruji’s message (transcribed in Hindi) I do not have the exact english translation, so if any reader of the blog can kindly translate and leave the translation in English, I would greatly appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “Guru Poornima Message

  1. Here is the translation of Guru Ji’s message on the eve of Guru Poornima.

    Life remains incomplete until the dawn of wisdom, growth of simplicity and flow of love in it.These will happen with knowledge, introspection, and calmness of mind and that is the ‘Gurutatava’; then alone will the life become complete. This is the message on the eve of ‘Guru Poornima’; make life simple and beautiful, wake up and see there is a lot of sweetness, devotion and love within ourselves and which we then also begin to find everywhere. Whatever we find within, others too begin to receive the same from us.

    On the ‘Guru Poornima’ day remember all the ‘rishy-muni’, saints, mahatmas, ‘pir’, ‘paigambars’ who were born on this earth and would be born in future. Hidden within you is also a saint, a ‘pir’, a ‘paigambar’, a ‘jnani’, a Buddha. Respect that ‘atma-tatva’, and know and understand the integral relation with that.

    This is the essence of the ‘Guru Poornima’s’ message.

    May everyone’s life be pure, auspicious and complete.

    Om Shanti Om!!

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