The awesome ruins of Hampi

Both Lepakshi and Kabini were travel trips, but I was at Hospet to conduct an Apex program and very fortunately the customer wanted the course between 7 and 3.30PM leaving me free for the evening and I utilized the opportunity to visit Hampi twice. I had heard about it several times, but this was my first visit to Hampi and I now know why everyone makes such a great deal about this place.

And for the first time I wished I had a camera with me.

The place is stunningly beautiful and no words nor any camera can do any justice to the place. I could never imagine that there could be such a beauty in ruins!! And the vivid image of the Vijaya Vittalla temple ensconced within the miles and miles of stunning hillocks! (See this pan-image to get an idea of ruins of Hampi)  Just can’t wait to get back to this place with my family!


2 thoughts on “The awesome ruins of Hampi

  1. It is indeed a place worth visiting Sukumar and do plan to stay for couple of days. I understand that the best way to explore is on foot. So don’t forget to take your walking shoes with you.


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