Time Out!

Meena is at the Ashram for her Teachers Training Course and I have assumed her role – am a full time homemaker now juggling between kitchen, homework, play and classes! And I am amazed at myself, the cooking skills are all intact – the rotis still come out round and the kids are eating whatever I cook without a complaint! So it can’t be that bad!

And I am having a whale of time with my little imps, listening to their stories of school teachers & classmates, playing all their imaginative games, singing out of tune songs, cycling and walking early morning, doing the Yoga asanas together…and the big to-do list that they have! More about it all in one of the future post.

But this fortnight, everything goes on the back-burner, so the frequency of posts will be excruciatingly (s)low!


6 thoughts on “Time Out!

  1. Hello ,
    Great picture hi tanvi and chakru !!
    Great jijaji it is so awesome that you are liking what you are doing !
    Enjoy !

  2. Sukumar, Thanks for your comment. A week later, in Meena’s shoes, I now truly appreciate how much effort she puts in with the kids and housework. And it is a job without a weekend or holidays! Not that I am complaining, I know truly understand that nothing better than stepping into someone else’s shoes to understand where they come from!

  3. I had the best time of my life.It required 100% mentally & physically.If Raj would’nt have taken care of the house n kids n the little details of what to tell me when I called I couldnt have completed.I had my moments when I almost came back..but I stayed and completed my TTC only because of Raj.You are a friend I can always count on.!!TKS

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