Guruji’ talk at Ashram today!

Just back from Ashram and sat down to write what Guruji spoke at the Satsang today. This isn’t verbatim…so all errors are mine!

“Today’s day (Raksha Bandhan) is all about commitment. Even animals have commitment. You should look at the ashram elephant to see how committed it is to the “mahut”. How attached it becomes to the mahut and the other animals. If the mahut changes, it requires days to get adjusted to the new mahut. Raksha Bandhan symbolizes the commitment  and bonding and it is not only through power, but could also be that of love, knowledge etc.

The full moon day prior to today was Guru Poornima and the full moon day prior to Guru Poornima was that of Buddha Poornima and the next full moon day is the AnantaChaudas (I hope I got this right!) Today in South India they change the thread. The significance of the three thread in the “janeoyi”  (sacred thread worn by Hindus) is to show commitment first to the parents, second to the society and third to the knowledge. It is imperative that we share the knowledge that we have received. Earlier people have died without sharing their knowledge because they were waiting for the right disciple! This isn’t right.

Today we take a commitment to three things: Purity of thought, Purity of words and Purity of action!

Anant signifies infinite, on the next full moon day, we reflect on the vastness of the universe and the entire vastness of the universe is reflected in our own body. Just see, how a small retina of your eye can observe the infinity. A tiny mirror can capture the reflection of the Sun. Similarly your body and mind is a reflection of the entire universe. We celebrate the infinity! Not that we need a reason to celebrate, here we celebrate every day!

Speaking about the universe he mentioned some scientist talking about how this universe is a dangerous place with several black holes that can swallow our entire solar-system. There is no insurance policy to cover this risk! 🙂 He talked about meteors hurtling towards the Earth being absorbed by Jupiter!

Today, there is an eclipse and he mentioned that the purpose of not having food during the eclipse is to give a rest to your system, so that when you sit down to meditate right after the eclipse the effect of the meditation is supposedly a thousand fold and then he joked, I don’t know whether it really is a thousand fold or 900-fold! Could be marketing to get people to meditate! But he advised everyone that tonight after 11PM (right after the eclipse ends) sit down and meditate for about 5-10 minutes and also for a few minutes early morning tomorrow!

He talked about meditation too. The best way to meditate is to do it one of the three ways:

Sit down with the feeling of

1. I don’t want anything now or

2. I am nobody, I don’t care about meditation or enlightenment, I am nothing or

3. Effortlessness. No effort.

He also talked quite a bit about Raksha Bandhan and women’s empowerment in the context of Indian society. Will post it once I have the complete transcript.

Every time I hear Guruji talk I feel so energized and refreshed. This day today, I re-dedicate and commit myself to observe purity in thought, speech and actions and more importantly to spread this beautiful knowledge that I have received and for which I am so ever grateful!


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