Bihar Flood Relief! Help Needed

Art of Living has already started working on ground at Bihar, details can be had from the website:

In Bangalore we are collecting the following items:

1)      Women’s clothes
2)      Children’s clothes
3)      Men’s clothes
4)      Bedsheets, blankets etc.
5)      Medicines like paracetamol, antibiotics, anti diarrhea tablets, bandages, cotton, betadine, ORS
6)      Food items – Ready to eat, packed and sealed, e.g. roasted chana, roasted groundnuts, sattu, sugar, salt, biscuits, milk powder

Please note that the items need to be sorted in boxes which are labeled into the above 6 categories. Wherever applicable, smaller items within the boxes may be put in small bags for easy identification. The first lot of boxes needs to be sent out from various collection centers to ashram by Wednesday evening and the next by coming weekend.

The items can be sent to Art of Living Ashram, 21st KM, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore.

You can also reach out to the following folks for further queries:

Ujjwal – 9980524878
Sanyogita – 9845002461
Pankajvalli – 9448558065

Alternatively, you can also call me at 98861-53689


One thought on “Bihar Flood Relief! Help Needed

  1. I am a 13yrs. old boy. i have done the course and am a devotee of art of living. How can i help in the bihar flood relief?

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