Rejenuvated, Recharged and Refreshed!

Back in the hustle bustle of the world after a wonderful four days in the physical presence of the Master at the Teachers Refresher Meet. It is as if I have taken a dip in the ocean of knowledge. Lots of knowledge, fun, games, newer meditations and processes. What an amazing experience. Bawa blogs about one of the techniques that Guruji has mentioned about Meditation that I reproduce here (I know copying full posts are not done, but will make an exception in this case 🙂 ), try it out!

Before you sit to meditate, remember these three things:

1. Achaha: Meaning right now, i don’t want anything… Right now, i want nothing…

2. Akinchan: Meaning I am nobody, i am nothing… just ask yourself… who am i? who is ? You will see you are nothing and nobody…

3. Aprayatna: Effortlessness… To meditate there is nothing to do. Just be. Like when you go for a massage, you just lie there, do nothing and let the masseuse massage you… similarly, you just sit with oyur eyes closed and let the Guru Shakti meditate for you!

before meditating, just relax and remember these 3 sutras… they will allow you to sink blissfully into Samadhi!


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