Day and night long seva!

Yesterday was the day of collating all the (Bihar Flood) relief material from various AOL centers and from generous donors and boy we were overwhelmed! Almost 5 Tonnes of Food, Clothes and Medicines arrived at the Railway Parcel and we were about less than 20 people all the way from 1.30PM to 8PM collating, weighing, labeling and stacking the parcels that went out today morning to Patna! It was tiring but it was fun! We had a less than 5 year old to over 50 years old contributing with their effort! While for most folks the day ended at the railway station, I had another urgent task that of delivering medicines and baby food at the Kingfisher Cargo last night. KF had generously donated 300+Kgs of space to airlift essentials. A mix up in address saw me and Meena at the HAL airport with 300Kgs of stuff and not a soul in sight at any of the cargo offices and then at 11PM it was a cross city ride to the Devanahalli Airport. Finally managed to get the cargo delivered by 2.00AM and reached home by 3.00AM and surprisingly I wasn’t that tired as I was expecting I would be!

But more than that I had a very mysterious experience at Devanahalli. Can you help me figure it out? I was on the phone (or rather my phone was in use the whole day and by the time it was 09.30PM it started giving out warnings of low battery) Meena accompanied me to the Airport and I started asking everyone to call me on her phone. We reached Devanahalli airport by midnight and Meena’ phone started running low on battery as well. By then we had things sorted out and the frequency of calls had come down significantly. At around 1.30AM, when we finally started the billing process, we discovered that there was a communication gap with the Airline backend staff, so I had no choice but to start calling people all over again. So at this stage my phone is practically out of charge and it is the same with Meena’ phone as well. I decided to take the call from my phone and if it runs out of charge completely, I will figure out what to do! I have the first conversation for about 2 to 3 minutes and then expecting the battery to run out, I look up the screen to see the battery status and it shows full! A phone that 3 hours back was beeping low battery status, recharges by itself and lasts me till today morning! Was I spooked? Nope!

So how did this happen? I have my own explanations and drop me a email if you want to know the answer! Lot of you can guess it as well 🙂

But moving on, we are all getting recharged for the next drive and if you want to join us in the fun at the Railway Yard, drop in a note to

Priya – one of the volunteers coordinating the whole stuff at Bangalore – has a blurb on her email that says “24 hrs not enough!” It seems so true, more so, when one is immersed in doing seva for others!


5 thoughts on “Day and night long seva!

  1. Vaishali, Yes a Nokia E61 that is about 2 years old. Now you should tell me, being an engineer with Nokia as to what you think is the reason?

  2. Hi Raj, Ok i was speaking to the guys at R&D,E-series phones have this behaviour when you speak continously for long hours. The battery gets heated up and suddenly the battery bar display on the phone drops and shows lesser power than the actual capacity. In such situations you allow the phone to cool for sometime probably by not using it and after sometime it restores the battery bar to the actual capacity. The phone software controls the battery bar display and the simulation to the hardware battery device may not be accurate. I remember now, have experienced similar case in Finland with my E61i device when it was -21 deg outside and i was walking and the phone went flat by the time i reached office(i started from the hotel with full battery). After reaching office, i was looking for a phone charger and to my surprise the phone displayed full power. I think the chemical composition in the battery behaves differently when exposed to either extremes.
    However in your case, you mention after one full day of use the battery bar displays full capacity and this is not common ! BTW, what was your analysis ?

  3. I believe that Nature conspires to help you accomplish what you really desire and that night it was essential that the phone was working! Thats it :-).

  4. Well said Raj. Reminds me of Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’. BTW, yours and Meena’s effort in this whole thing has been commendable and very inspiring as well.

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