Bawa writes about the first three days of Navaratri at the Ashram

Guruji maintains a very strict silence during the first 4-5 days. He even does an almost total fast on these days. If you have never seen Guruji in His Silence, then you have missed something ethereal. The Silence around Him is so thick it could be cut with a knife. You know that just His body is here. That He is in some other dimension. His eyes are always almost closed and a beatific smile adorns His  face.

He doesn’t really even recognize anyone of us. No one is allowed near Him… He is Silence and Bliss personified.. And you can see the lightness in His steps as He almost floats into Satsang and back when its over.

It indeed is a blessing to be in the physical presence of Guruji during Navaratri. One look at Him in the Yagyashala and one could instantly feel His silence and the deep peace rubbing onto you. Suddenly you feel the deep urge to be in that same space of silence. The mind stops its chattering and the one feels drawn into the same meditative space. It is an utterly indescribable feeling that brings several thousands from all over the world to be in the same space.

The meditations, as Bawa writes, both at home and at Yagyashala, are so much more deeper and so much more fulfilling. I do not even make an effort to meditate when in Yagyashala…I just sit there and the meditation happens spontaneously…so effortlessly and so deeply refreshing. It is almost like waking up after the first Kriya experience.

Bawa refers to Tamas as the dominating Guna in the creation during the first three days of Navaratri. Tamas, as I recall reading somewhere, could be looked as frozen power that has been put in a deep freezer for ages and has turned into a solid block of ice. Meditation helps to melt this ice block, releasing all the latent energy that helps us overcome the deeply rooted habits of lethargy and apathy. More about the Guna’s later, for now it is time to enjoy and celebrate the remaining 6 days of Navaratri in HIS presence!


One thought on “Navaratri

  1. Beautiful!The part about meditation being deep these days is so true.All of us atlong kriya in the morning too seem to have had a very calm & deep experience.

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