“Be the agent of Change in this world”-Navaratri Knowledge!

So, where to begin and how much to write? I am not sure, just back from the 7th day of the Navaratri – the day of Rudra and Sudarshana Homa at the ashram and here is what Guruji spoke today.  Standard disclaimers apply, this is not a verbatim translation and all errors are mine! 

The Yagnas are very significant for they create unseen forces. What is unseen in the universe is much larger than the seen. For example, when you talk in a cell phone,  the voice gets transmitted in an unseen way through the electromagnetic waves till it gets manifested in the receivers cell phone. Similarly the effect of Yagyas are unseen…a force is generated which elevates the consciousness. The Yagyas and Homas are conducted using an ancient technique of chanting seed mantras (“beej mantras”), 108 types of herbs from all over the place are offered in the ceremony..this creates that energy that purifies heart of people.

…..Uniting with Being is to let go of all bickerings…of what is not right. When you start looking at what is not right, the only thing that is not right, is your own self. You start perceiving things as not right and you become like a hard rock.. and you become part of that which is not right. We are not born to be like rocks, we are meant to be like flowers, so celebration means to let go. There is no end to correcting and making things perfect…how much can you do? You end up losing your soul! Yagya is total acceptance and immersing in the YES mind, uplifting people. All of us here are from so many different age groups and continents. Keeping aside the differences, rejoicing and celebrating, this is Yagya and that is how prayer happens. Prayer is not about asking for things. All your desires will be fulfilled. This is Devi Chaitana! This is the time to realize it, celebrating our wishes getting fulfilled.

Get the strength to take action and you can do that only when you have reformed yourself. Life is for celebration, bring this celebration in the world. Become the agent of change in this world. Doctors cannot treat when they are sick, similarly we cannot reform others unless we have reformed ourselves.

The effect of the Yagyas is not limited to this place or a person, it is for the whole world. We are part of the Universal Mind. Navaratri is realizing that you are not the individual but the cosmos itself. 

Navaratri is about spending time your own self, looking deep within.  

Guruji spoke in Kannada, Hindi and English. While speaking in Hindi, he said, this knowledge will make you an emperor and not a pauper (yeh gyaan tumhe badshah baneyga, bhikari nahin) and I loved it. Hasn’t this knowledge made a difference in our own lives?

Guruji then talked about the significance of the Sudarshan Homa and then led us all into a short Kriya. This was followed by offerings in the various forms of Chanting of Vedas, Playing of various Musical instruments and various dance forms. The highlight obviously was Guruji playing the song  “Narayana Hari OM” on the Veena. There is a very interesting story as to how this melodious bhajan has come about… Rashmin blogs about it here. 

(You can find the recording of the first few minutes here at Youtube, it is a short 2 minute recording and obviously the clarity isn’t so good, since it was recorded on a handset off the screen, My apologies to the ashram…for breaking the rule and recording it!)

Tomorrow is Chandi Homa and I need to be at the Ashram by 7AM, so time to catch up on some sleep!

More later!

PS: Updated and made a few changes to the font


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