Happy Dussera!

Dussera or Vijayadashmi is the celebration of good over evil. The good or the evil is the symbolic of not something outside, but the constant battle that happens within us! In the Ramayana, the evil is personified as Ravana – the ten headed monster! Rama is the innate goodness within us. Both Rama and Ravana exist within each one of us and it is a never ending battle that we witness within us.

Leading a spiritual life is to annihilate the negativity, anger, arrogance, lust, pride, selfish actions, resentments, fear, anxieties…..and cultivating the innate goodness and qualities that we are born with. All I know, is that I have a long long way to go to be truly on the spiritual path.


2 thoughts on “Happy Dussera!

  1. Happy Dassera,
    It has been an educating an valuable experience keeping an eye for the knowledge on your blog these 9 days. like you say we have a long way to go !
    Wish all at home !

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