A freak accident

In a freak accident last evening, an auto driving on the left side ahead, skidded while doing some acrobatic maneuver on the road, overturned and fell right in front of my car, hitting it in the front and within seconds, people rushed in to lift the auto to help the driver out and in the process almost planted the auto on the bonnet of my car damaging it pretty badly. Very fortunately, the auto driver escaped with minor injuries.

Well, am not sure how much it is going to cost me to get the body repairs done. More than the cost of the repair it is the resale value of the vehicle that comes down any time a body repair is done and the cost of the insurance goes up. Either way, I take the hit despite being at no fault. Have to blame my Karma and move on, things could have been worse had the rick overturned on my car!

The accident drove home the point as to how unsafe the ricks are, more so when there is a maniac on the drivers seat. I helped the guy to get off on the feet and gave him some water to drink, couldn’t make out if he was drunk or not. Seemed like he was a local and had many friends out there to help him. I had to move on.

Wikipedia writes:

The construction and characteristics of auto rickshaws make them an extremely unsafe class of vehicle. Accidents can result in serious chassis damage, and can easily be fatal to passengers. Additionally, since it is steered with a handlebar, the auto rickshaw has an extremely small turning radius, permitting it to weave through traffic and generally ignore traffic regulations


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