Taking Responsibility

It has taken a horrific tragedy of this dimension to wake us up from the slumber that we had gone into. So much has been said and written about the incident and I will spare you all with my angst. What has been truly heartening for me is that everyone seems to talking about change and taking responsibility. A concept so old that Lord Krishna expounded it in the Gita as Karma Yoga. What is an outstanding elucidiation of personal responsibility has gotten so diluted that we have become a set of passive people with high acceptance levels to all the ills in the society. Any and everthing becomes our ‘karma’! 

The change will happen when we start taking responsibility, when we start discharging our duties and when we take unconditional responsibility for everything around us.

I also hope that the media becomes the vehicle on which the billion dreams of change and hope can ride on. I hope they continue to keep the pressure on Govt to bring in Police Reforms, eliminate corruption at ground level, and keep our politicians grounded.

At a personal level, It is time to also take the message of human values, love, belongingness and compassion to people. In a talk way back in 1999, Guruji had said, Violence brings noise while non violence happens in silence. People who are violent make tremendous noise; they make their violence known, while people who are non violent are quiet. But the time has come for the non-violent ones to make noise so that the violence will decrease. The message of non-violence must come out loud and clear so that it can be heard at a young age.

I leave you with couple of links:

  • Rajita and her husband Ajay were caught up at Taj, her account is here
  • Couple of good posts from Bawa – What can I do posted after the Bomb Blasts, still relevant today and some fresh posts today after the Mumbai
  • Rashmin writes about it as well here

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