What if?

Just a thought – and I know I am rambling out here – what if guys like Ratan Tata give a call to the nation and float a political party that includes people from many walks of life, honest citizens, who want to bring the change that this country so desperately needs and contest the LS elections coming year! I know that this might not be their core competence, but imagine, just imagine, what a nation we would be if such a thing can happen!! We are missing leaders who care for the people and are willing to serve the nation and given how people rise up in the political hierarchy in this nation, we aren’t going to get one from the political stables – whichever party it maybe. The leaders have to come from the Industry. People who can drive change, who have a will and are not corrupt. Leaders who can lead us through the chaos, anarchy and dirty divisive political agendas that we have seen so far.

Time for someone to make a lateral move!

There is rage, there is anger, against the politicians, against the system and against the babudom; there is a sense of helplessness against the apathy and the fear that as in the past, all this will lead to nowhere. We have an amnesia that overtakes us all so quickly.

There is no time better than now to cleanse the system of its ills, we miss this window of opportunity, we will fail as nation!


One thought on “What if?

  1. Nothing will work except self help groups. People have to take charge themselves. for some time all this will be a fanfare. All will be back to where it was after a few days.

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