Call: Cards against the Walls

I received this email and thought this is a wonderful gesture and we can all do our bit for this guy

From: katrien hertog 
Date: Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 6:45 AM
Subject: Call: Cards against the Walls

In my first Prison SMART course in Belgium, now more than one year ago, there
was a man called Marco. Since he has done the course, he does his practices
every day. He has also watched the whole of Ashtavakra and knows the Gift of
Silence by heart by now. He took a book with yoga exercises from the prison
library and has learned all of them. Sometimes he practices in the courtyard of
the prison and attracts all his fellow prisoners with his postures.

Very quickly it was clear for him that he wants to be a teacher of Art of
Living and spread this knowledge. He wants to set up a yoga center in Antwerp,
travel everywhere to testify about the change in his life and the value of Art
of Living practices and knowledge, especially to gang members, criminals and
drug addicts. He has said a thousand times that Sri Sri has saved his life. And
he is ready to do anything for Him. He so much wants to be a part of the Art of
Living family.

I have personally been touched by his humanness in a inhuman system and by his
sincere longing for goodness, nonviolence and love. The prison system, despite
the good will of many people involved in it, is still very inhuman and
sometimes brings out the worst in the prisoners. Marco finds himself in a
vicious circle of aggression and violence, which he dislikes but which he has
not yet been able to break through. Theoretically speaking, we don’t know
whether and when he will ever be free again. (In the meantime, we address all
directors of the different prisons to which he is consecutively transferred in
order to organise courses.)

So hoping for a miracle one day, let’s show him that there is an Art of
family out there which belongs to him and to which he belongs.

I would like to ask all of you to support him with our thoughts and heart, but
I thought it would be so nice to express it also in the form of a card.

My dream is: That the person in the prison receiving the post does not know
what is happening. That cards will arrive from 50 different countries. And that
Marco can cover the walls of his cell with our cards. Then it will be a merry

Marco De Queker
Gevangenis Turnhout (cel 5)
Wevenstraat 1
2300 Turnhout


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