Guruji’s message for the new year!

Updating this post: Here is what Guruji spoke in the German Ashram last night, just got this in the email

The last hour of 2008. The time on this planet for us is a gift. time is a gift to ourself. When we consider time as a gift our whole outlook towards life shifts. Like every year 2008 also has offered u many gifts . With it’s thorns it has made u strong, with its petals it has given u joy.

Any event has the good and not so good. The not so good has made u strong and realise u can handle it. Good part gives u peace and tranquility. This Last hour is good to reflect how u welcome 08 when it came and how it swept u and swirled u and passed u on to 09. 08 has made many rich people poor. those who never thought they cud come down from their ivory towers had to smell mud. Many who have cheated got exposed. The flaws of capitalism laid bare before our eyes in 2008; like 20 years ago, in 1989 the bubble of communism burst.

 Through all this time we learnt one lesson- we should never compromise on human values. Love, compassion, sense of gratefulness and vision for everyone has to dawn in our life.

 08 also saw terrorism, loss of life, sudan,  iraq, gaza, india had the worst ever terror attacks.

 People have asked me — that they are feeling guilty to celebrate. Barely two months after economy fell, one month after terror arttacks — how to celebrate?

Yes, you will feel guilty when your celbration is aimed at gratifying yourself. But if the intention is to uplift everyone in ur area, just do it. Don’t delay it. We will never feel guilty if we do celebration to take people out of gloomy mood. This celbration becomes service and then there is no guilt. And when your service becomes celbration, there is no ego and pride in it.

 Got this. When celebration becomes service, there is not guilt. And when service becomes celebration, there is no pride.

 Let us celebrate with this one intention that let’s bring home the knowledge to everyone — that life, events are impermanent. What is permanent is our spirit, our consiousnes. It has no birth and death. Life at a higher plane is eternal and celbrate every moment knowing that every moment is a gift to us.

2009 we have a great responsibility to uplift from ashes of the disasters of 2008. New hope, new creation has to made.

 It is easy to get swept away in a negative mode. It takes courage to move out of it. I am sure all those who arr here have this capacity, …. And all those who are listening also have the capacity.

 At 11 pm, make 2 wishes
1- Personal – What u want for yourself in 2009
2- What u want for the world (ie: peace in Sudan, peace Iraq, stronger economy in the US,…)

And if there is no diff bet these two wishes, then you are enlightened !!!

Last year there was a concern that there would not be enough food on the planet to feed everyone. This year I feel there will be plenty of food on the planet for everyone (lot of yield will come through). Later this year economically europe, usa will become strong. Don’t have the concern. It will become better and better .. second half of the year.

——- and here is the other message that came in earlier——-

Every excuse to celebrate is good. There are two aspects of  celebration. One is celebration as thanksgiving, as an expression of gratitude for the Divine. The second celebration is to move forward bydropping the past, knowing that life is eternal.

In 2008, our country saw many upheavals. However, like the Christmas tree, life is evergreen. No storm or snow can weather away its leaves. Similarly, our spirit is eternal and though time and again some adversities may try to cloud the spirit, the spirit moves forward through personal or social grief and emerges powerful.

The nature of spirit is celebration. Celebration is the best medicine to help you move out of the gloom after a crisis. In celebration, you are not just having a party. If sacredness is attached to it, that celebration becomes complete. The body, mind and the spirit rejoice.

Let time celebrate your presence. Keep smiling. When you let time celebrate you, you are a witness amid celebration. The year gone by has taught us many lessons; what we should be doing and what we should not. Every pain that we went through in 2008 brought us some depth, and all the joy and pleasure gave us a new vision of life and hope for
the future.

Welcome the year 2009 with a genuine smile from within. That smile comes when you know for sure that you are loved. If you don’t know you are loved by the Divine, you will not be able to celebrate life. You will live in insecurity. With insecurity comes greed. With greed comes selfishness. And with that comes anger. With anger comes lust. And
with that comes sadness and misery one behind the other, like a chain.

In the past year, check how many days you were entangled in Maya? Turn back and remember the whole year. When you do this, do not reject anything. Let your attention be on the self. This is a delicate balance. That balance is yoga. That balance is spirituality.

Some people think being silent is spirituality. Some think only celebration is spirituality. Spirituality is a harmonious blend of outer silence and inner celebration; and also inner silence and outer celebration! Celebration that comes out of silence is real celebration.

Year 2008 saw many rainy days. This new year, let there be sunshine – both in our lives and in society. Let us all have a determination to create a violence-free, stress-free society. May your life be filled with peace, joy and happiness! Happy New Year!


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