Happy Sankranti!

Starting December end to all the way to 14th Jan was a time I used to look forward during my childhood for two reasons: The first being the freedom to fly kites leading upto Makar Sankranti festival. It is unbelievable to think that the skies in Hyderabad used to be full of kites, more so during the last few days leading upto the festival and the whole 3 days – a day before Sankranti festival, on the day of the festival and the day after the festival, we kids used to be on the terrace all the way from 7AM to 7PM. Somewhere around 1985 onwards the decline of the kite flying started, today I guess it is restricted to only a few areas in Hyderabad. Here in Bangalore, it is even difficult to find a kite shop (there is one in Shivajinagar area though) and hardly anyone flies kites in Bangalore. The second reason was the mandatory visit to “Numaeesh” ( a Urdu word which means exhibition) or exhibition grounds in Hyderabad – a once a year event that used to start on Jan 1st and go all the way to mid Feb. Both remain only memories now. But I look forward to celebrate Sankrantri tomorrow the traditional way!

Happy Sankratri to you all dear readers wherever you are! Enjoy the festival and spread the sweetness!


One thought on “Happy Sankranti!

  1. No wonder my father is so good at flying kites…
    Don’t let the seemingly inevitable extinction of kite flying as a past time deter you! Happy belated Sankrantri!

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