It is all about ME!

Oh dear oh dear! What does one say when only 8 out of more than a lac of Infosys employees chose to apply for a sabbatical and work towards contributing to the society and nation? Bangalore mirror reports:

Infosys’s offer of a one-year sabbatical to its 1.03 lakh work force does not have many takers. The IT major had announced in mid-November 2008 that it would allow 50 employees to take up a sabbatical and they would be paid 50 per cent of their salary during the period. Almost two months down the line, Infy has received only eight applicants.

When Infy announced the plan, it was to encourage employees to participate at the grassroots as part of its Community Empathy policy and Infosys Director, Human Resources, T V Mohandas Pai had said that, “More than an issue of paid labour, it’s a labour of love.”

Of the eight applicants, only five have met the norms. The IT major had hoped that more employees would take up the programme for which the company had set aside Rs 2.50 crore. This programme is part of Infy’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and involved NGO participation too.

I think this is primary due to one reason: FEAR

Fear of either losing money or job or experience or skills or maybe not! It may be just sheer apathy towards anything related to society and nation! But those interested in doing it, I  say go for it! There are so many advantages:

1) You get to build skills that a normal 9-5 job doesn’t provide you the opportunity to do.

2) You get to meet people with different view points of the world and if you are open to learning you get to learn a lot from them.

3) You learn to accomplish more with little resources.

4) You learn financial prudence, you will be surprised how a little money can be stretched further.

5) You become more humble and more grateful for what life has offered to you so far.

6) You learn to think “out of the box” solutions to problems.

7) You get to find out that there is more to life than IT, Programming, promotions, bank balance and land balances!

8 ) You get to realize that change is constant and is the nature of the world. We are seeing it already, people die and companies die too! A sentence Guruji says is the Royal Secret is what the Gita says “Anityam asukham lokam emam prapya Bhajaswaham”“.

9) You get to go back to work as a more mature and more rounded individual!

10)  If you are open to possibilities, who knows, what else may come your way? The sabbatical may be an opportunity for further growth and not restrict you as you think it might!

11) It is an opportunity to pursue your passion.

I have a series of posts on my experiences (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ), if you need to talk to me, I will be more than glad to do it.


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