Incredible riches of my country!

My latest travel saw me take a very quick trip to the Mahanandi temple outside Nandyal town. When the locals said that there is a continuous flow of water at the temple, I had assumed that it would be something like what I had seen at Lepakshi in Sita’s foot (there is a perpetual trickle of water in what is supposedly Sita’s footmark, see photo), but I was in for a surprise here, the temple has a pretty large tank at the entrance where warm mineral water flows in continuously and devotees can gsitas-footet into the tank for a good warm bath – for the water has curative properties! The source of water seemingly still a mystery! It was a pretty amazing sight, the water was crystal clear and transparent. And the way the structure and the tank has been designed, the water stays at a constant level of 5 feet, enabling people to take a bath. The only drawback – we do not know how to preserve our heritage and more importantly keep in clean! Sigh 😦 Someone should stop guys from shampooing and rubbing lifebuoy soap all over and getting into the tank! Damn it guys, do that in your bathroom! Just enjoy a dip here and get out!!

This place is approximately 15 kms from Nandyal town, there is a small hotel to stay, but you are probably better off finding an accommodation at either Kurnool (85Kms away) where you can find slightly decent hotels or at Nandyal town itself


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