Take a cloth, drench it in mud, dry it and then wash it…

Back from Hyderabad after a wonderful course at Satyam School of Leadership, there is some media coverage as well -clipping below. This course was very special for me due to one reason – the presence of Rajesh Sarma, my co-faculty at the course – He is the prime reason for me and Meena being in Art of Living today, a wonderful teacher and a gem of a person. This was the first course that I took along with Rajesh and had a chance to learn so many things from him. Also met with some wonderful teachers from Hyderabad – Dr Alka and Aruna. And not to mention an opportunity to catch up with some school classmates after almost 26 years! More later, this is a busy week for me…

India Today writes

“Take a cloth, drench it in mud, dry it and then wash it.” That’s how Kiran Kumar, a Satyam manager, describes his experience at a stress relief course that concluded in Hyderabad on Saturday.

The future is suddenly looking negotiable for around 50 employees, including some spouses, who took the Art of Living Foundation’s four- day pilot course to cope with the ongoing turmoil in the company.

Uncertainty, anxiety and despair are in the past for most of them. The results of the course are tangible – each talks of a huge sense of release and a burst of energy, at the very least.

The pilot was undertaken at the initiative of the Foundation, and lapped up by Ed Cohen, chief learning officer, Satyam Learning World (SLW), which conducts professional courses to lift employee morale and spirit.

After company chief Ramalinga Raju botched up, it has been a tough time for the 50,000- odd employees of Satyam. In its bid to help them cope with the resultant anxiety and stress, the SLW has been advising them self- help books, meditations and a special stress reduction programme called ‘ Restore’ which helped them open up.

“We have done a series of programmes to rebuild Satyam. The course helped us forge a sense of bonding among participants, apart from making us all feel enthused and energetic,” said Vikram Bector, vicepresident of SLW. Personally, Bector also experienced clarity of thought after the course.

“Now, I can choose my response, which is good at this time, because you don’t want to respond to anything in a hurry.” After the crisis, the company began to focus on stress reduction, fitness and health through their web broadcasts, said Cohen. “If we earlier broadcasted for four hours, we do it 24 hours now,” he said.

The art of living course was the first personal transformation course undertaken by the group. Given the “outstanding results,” Cohen plans to continue it for other staff. “We’ll consider running it on weekends so that the families of our associates can participate as well,” he said.

Employees from various departments, such as corporate services, administration, and human resources, participated in the three hour long sessions every morning for the past four days. They did yogasanas , pranayam , and the patented sudarshan kriya – a powerful breathing technique, which seemed to have worked wonders.

“After the crisis, we began putting in thrice the amount of work. My eyes would hurt when I woke up each day. But after the course, I can run a marathon,” said Kavitha Thonangi, head- global operations, SLW. “The kriya is amazing,” says Kumar. “My body felt so light, recharged and refreshed.” His wife, Harika, who took the course with him, said it helped the family to cope with the stress together.

“We emphasise practices that help them relax and give them perspective. It is important to show them that regardless of disturbances, they can stay centred,” said art of living instructor Raj Waghray.

Courtesy: Mail Today

Clipping from Mail Today:



One thought on “Take a cloth, drench it in mud, dry it and then wash it…

  1. Good to read about the course, Raj. Nice picture and coverage, too. And I know why you like Rajesh so much… he shares half of his name with you, right? 🙂 Just kidding… yes, he is a Dude!

    Keep it coming…
    Jai Gurudev!

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