Photo Identity Card!!

[Via DeccanHerald]

God’s will moves in mysterious ways. This indeed came true for Dinesh Ghodke, Director, World Alliance Youth Empowerment. He was invited to deliver an address at the All Indian Science Spirituality Conference at Trichy recently. 

He wanted to return to Bangalore the next day as he had to conduct a course for 1,000 students for a winter-break programme. He had booked a train ticket, but missed it as he could not make it to the station on time. He decided to take a flight. At the airport, the airline staff refused to allow him to fly as he did not have any photo identity card. Still wondering what to do he went to the lounge, picked up an English daily and glanced through it. A sweet surprise was in store for him on page two of the newspaper, a detailed report of his speech accompanied by his photograph. His joys knew no bounds. Holding the newspaper like a kid, he ran towards the counter and showed it to the staff. He also explained what had happened. The staff could not help sharing his joy and permitted him to fly to Bangalore.


4 thoughts on “Photo Identity Card!!

  1. Oh yes, we are. The blog was on typepad initially and named Perspicuous – I initially started it as a blog on Project Management, few technology related posts coupled with Spirituality. Somewhere down the line I thought I was paying too much at typepad and switched over to wordpress and the domain name was not available, I had the niranjani tag line in typepad and I just moved it up a level – & I had stopped blogging about anything remotely related to work.

    Yes, ppl do think that it probably belongs to a lady and I do get mails that begin with Dear Madam…. :-)I have accepted it.

    For me, Niranjani represents that pure, unblemished consciousness that we all are ..beyond the forms.

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