Finding the “switch”

Last evening in the satsang, Guruji took the mike and struggled a bit to switch it on and while someone rushed in to help him, he switched it on and said “It is all about finding the switch“. Reminded me of this event from a Satsang way back in 2006:

Last evening in satsang at Ashram, a lady stood up to share her experience, as she was fiddling with the mike trying to turn it on, Guruji remarked that he had already turned it on before passing it on to her and she immediately responded saying “Guruji, you have turned my life on”! So very apt! Those seven words are applicable to millions of us who have been fortunate to be a part of the Art of Living family!

And for those who have watched Guruji’s talk on Ashtavakra Gita, do you recall him saying “The switch is right inside, all we need to do is to turn it on”?

For me, this beautiful journey to find “the switch” still continues…..a journey that is so beautiful, precious and invaluable…..walking the path with the Master himself……..what does one say except that all of us are so very blessed and fortunate……

Last evening Meena and I were sitting right at the back in VM and chatting with someone (something that we never do in a Satsang) while waiting for Guruji to come in. He came a little late and and after the customary start, tells “some of you were not participating in the Satsang, especially at the back, you are chit chatting…, you should not do that…” Oops!! How does he know?

Today is Ugadi, so dear readers, a very happy new year to all of you!!

If you are in Bangalore, do join us at the Ashram to soak in the divine chants of Rudra Puja in Master’s presence at 10AM today and celebrate the begining of a new year!! If you can’t make it today, don’t despair, do make it on Sunday at 11.00AM for long kriya in Guruji’ presence!!


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