Make an informed choice

How difficult is it to put everything related to the Indian Parlimentary Elections together so that as a voter I can look up the schedule, get details about my constituency, get low down on those who are contesting, their past performance, their assets, declarations and more importantly their criminal records and then the usual – news, views, local information. Havn’t been able to find anything comprehensive so far that I can navigate through one portal!

Here are the options

1) Google has a nice landing page about 2009 elections, you can get to zoom into your constituency, look at the statistics related to your constituency, get details about the current MP, search your name in the voters list, find your poll booth and get all the latest news about the elections. 

2) Yahoo in comparison lags way way behind – while they do have a page on the elections, the map is not zoomable and occupies a large chunk of the page, as a placeholder.  Couple of good things out there are Manifesto Comparison and a FAQs regarding Elections. That apart, I don’t think I will return to this website to find any information.

3) I stumbled upon VoteReportIn [dia]  today and found that the team has done an excellent job of putting together a solid website that will utilize the power of “crowdsourcing” to capture details via SMS, twitter etc and put together a compilation of what is actually happening on the ground. The big IF for this site is how popular it becomes and how many people do use it to report incidents. The technology seems interesting and I will be doing a bit of reading to figure how these guys have put this up.

It was Jaagore that brought in a lot of awareness about voter registration, dates, FAQs, How-to’s etc through a sustained media campaign. And they did a fabulous job! The website is not very intuitive, but serves the purpose though.

Now it finally boils down to us – the citizens – to make the best use of our rights and make sure we elect the right party and the right candidate!!


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