Gift an Education

I wrote about Asha and SVVN school a few months back, continuing the thread, here is a request for funds for the school. Be generous and give the gift of education to a child.

We have been time and again seeking your kind help in raising resources for running our institution. You are with us for many years as part of our SVVN family.  We are very happy to inform you that the children and their parents are greatly pleased about the school, its activities and growth.  This is possible only due to sustained support from many people like you all. 

This year due to new School building, we are attracting many children and admissions are flowing. We may possibly touch a strength of around 450 to 500. As the number goes up our resource requirement also raises high. All these years, we have been providing children with Books, Notebooks, Writing Instruments, bags, Shoes, Uniform Materials etc., totally free of cost. From past few months we have also introduced free mid day meal scheme. To continue with all these for  increased strength is a great challenge and we really need support from all quarters.


Cost of Sponsorship for the following are as given below:

BOOKS/NOTE BOOKS       –           Rs.500/- per Child.

Yearly fees per child        –           Rs.3450/- (What we charge the child and not the expenditure to the school per child).

Shoes & Socks                     –           Rs.600/- per child.

Mid Day meal                     –           Rs.2250/- per child per year.

The Total Expenditure per child for the school is  –   Rs.14950/- per year per child.  

Hence, we request one and all to take up any of the above sponsorship depending on your own comfort levels, but we request every one of you to be a partner with us in this great cause. We sincerely seek your kind help because we are in real need of funds to carry on with our daily activities and also funds for school construction which is going on at a fast pace. 

Thank you one and all for sustained support. 

 ► Cheques can be made in the name of “RASHTROTTHANA PARISHATH” for IT Exemption U/S 80G.
 ► You can also write the cheques in the name of “SREE  VEENA VIDYANIKETAN”, however no IT Exemption for donations made to this account.

CHEQUE MAILING ADDRESS :                                                

We request you to mail the cheques to the following address ONLY :

Mr. A. R. Dwaraknath                                                    or                      Ms. Asha Ashok

Secretary – Sree Veena Vidyaniketan                                                  Coordinator – Sree Veena Vidyaniketan

No. 413, 8th Main, 1st Block,                                                                   No. 217, 8th “C” Main, 1st Block,

Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru – 560043                                                     Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru – 560043


Sree Veena Vidyaniketan

A School for the Economically and Socially Challenged Children
183 children ( Age 3yrs – 13 yrs )
108 boys/75 girls, Pre Primary-7th Grade
13 full time teachers, 2 part time teachers,1 head master, 2 helpers.


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