The Sudarshan Kriya

Back today morning after conducting the Apex program for a small but a very sincere group of folks at Chennai and logged into my Google reader to catch up with the world and the first post I came across was this beautiful description of the Sudarshan Kriya given by Vikram Bhaiyya.

The Sudarshan Kriya itself is like a beautiful poem; its rhythms seem familiar yet esoteric, the experience sometimes excruciating but always enlightening, a feeling of being totally spent yet craving more. Its like listening to a wondrous dhrupad recital — the tones sometimes pinning you with their raw physicality, sometimes lulling you into meditation, sounding faintly familiar yet just out of reach, and always that sense of a higher power, a presence that seems to hover protectively close by.

And ah, how powerful our own breath is! It energises our body, calms our mind, soothes our emotions, and offers insights into our true nature. Is it too subtle? Do we sound too simplistic when we teach it? Perhaps. But one’s own experience always bears testimony to the efficacy of this premise.

Most humbling is the trust that people place in you as a teacher, going through every process and technique with unflagging enthusiasm, apparently sure that this is going to work. And most fulfilling is the glow, the peace on every face on the last day; they know that its impossible to describe what they have experienced, or what has touched their lives.

The course is also an introduction to meditation (“the best gift you can give yourself”) and to the experience of encountering a living, enlightened being, a true Master. That itself is worth the price of admission.

Actually, no, it’s priceless!


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