Homosexuality and Spirituality

So much has been written about homosexuality post the Delhi High Court judgement on section 377.  Here is what Guruji had to say about the subject.

“Question: The new Pontificate (Vatican) is expected to take a rigid stance on issues like those of gay relationships. What do ancient scriptures say about these matter?”

Guruji: As far as the ancient scripture is concerned, there is neither mention nor prohibition of it. One thing the ancient scriptures say, as far as I know is that every human being is made up of both Mother and Father – half-female, half-male. The male tendency may be dominant; sometimes the female tendency may be dominant. It is a biological phenomenon. So if people are bound to have sunch tendencies, they should acknowledge it.

Question: Are you approving of gay marraiges? Would you conduct gay marraiges?

Answer: Conducting marraiges is not part of spirituality at all. It is a religios thing. Spirituality simply makes you aware that you are spirit and it uplifts you from all tendencies, whether you are for, or against, or paranoid about the sexuality of other people. All this is not concerned with spirituality. Spirituality makes you realize that you are not just flesh. You are light. So there is a gender equality in spirituality. Religion will not give you gender equality, whereas in spirituality, whether you are a mother, or father, it doesn’t matter – you are equal.

Question: But here we are not talking about parenthood…..

Answer: I am talking about the male and female tendencies in a person. Depending on whatever tendencies are strongest in the system, biologically, this will accordingly reflect in one’s life and sexuality. So, I think, one should see that one is not just flesh because it’s a temporary thing. Tendencies are temporary, but the spirit is much more than tendencies. You are the spirity, which is all light, all love, wisdom and knowledge. Your identification must shift from gender to spirit…..and this is exactly what spirituality means – to rise above the tendencies that are impermanant.

We have seen that many straight people “get” gay tendencies, sometimes….and this creates fear in them. They are so scared about what is happening to them. When they start meditating, they rise above this, and become natural and loving. Even people, who brand themselves as being gay, suddenly find themselves being attracted to opposite sex….and it creates big confusion. This is why I say that you should not label yourself. You are much more than your tendencies. You are the beautiful spirit, and if that is also a label, it is better to have this label, than any other.

More Q&A in the wonderful small booklet titled “Secrets of Relationships

Also do read Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik’s compelling essays here, here and here to understand what the ancient Indian scriptures had to say on this subject.


6 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Spirituality

  1. Thank you so much for this insight because I have felt ashamed because of my homosexuality since my introduction to Christianity.

    It is amazing how much the Christian religion shares with Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and so many of the world’s spiritual beliefs. However, it does shock and surprise me that Christianity is the only spirituality that makes reference to homosexuality. So of course it kind of scared me!!

    This has helped because it offers a more loving, universal view than the punishing one found in the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, though; I accept homosexuality as natural and at the same time, accept Christianity as my true religion. Dualities can always exist in nature! So don’t worry

  2. Thanks for this Blog. I was really interested in knowing what Guruji has to say on this topic. By the way, are the quoted passages from the booklet “Secrets of Relationships“?

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