Present Moment, Cricket and Sudarshan Kriya!

Updated after I stumbled upon Tendulkar’s interview today.

Via Prem, Akash Chopra writes about the act of staying in the present moment in his latest column at Cricinfo.

We now know that regardless of whether we know the definition of concentration or not, whether we play cricket – or any other sport or for that matter – remaining in the present is the essence to being successful. We all do it unconsciously, and perhaps that’s why we slip out of it without knowing, but if we manage to do it consciously, at will, keeping close tabs on our mind, we’ll be able to control it a lot better and produce better results.

And today stumbled upon what Tendulkar had to say on the same topic

Tendulkar said the secret to his batting lies in keeping the mind clutter-free and his best efforts had come when his mind thought of the present and not of the future, which was not an easy thing to do.

The toughest thing is to clear your mind. The mind always wants to be in the past or the future, it rarely wants to be in the present. My best batting comes when my mind is in the present but it doesn’t happen naturally, you have to take yourself there.

“I am not able to get in that zone as often as I would like but, when you are there, you don’t see anything except the bowler and the ball.”

As he grows older, Tendulkar feels, he has realised the importance of good breathing and relaxing while batting.

“You have to allow your instincts to take over, trust me, your instincts are 99 per cent right but, you know, the older I get the more I realise how important your breathing is to good batting. By that I mean, if you focus on breathing and relaxing, you can force yourself into a comfortable place to bat,” he declared.

It is good to see that the cricketers are now seeing the co-relation between being in the moment and scoring runs. The next logical step, according to me, is the regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya – a technique that allows one to experience what being in the moment really means!


2 thoughts on “Present Moment, Cricket and Sudarshan Kriya!

  1. i agree with your view & understanding on this subject. Thank you for sharing.

    On the cool, Dhoni’s i always wonder about his personality, his captaincy, his take on different things and cool & balanced nature. Living the moment seems has become his nature and i wonder if it came to him by birth to some extent and then nurture.

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