A Commitment to go back to the knowledge!

I thought I posted this on the eve of Janamashtmi, but was surprised to find that this post was still sitting in the draft’s folder. So here it is a belated Janamashtmi post.

Tomorrow is Janamashtmi – Lord Krishna’ birthday. Couple of years back, on Janamashtmi, Guruji had said, everyone should read the Bhagavad Gita, since then the Gita has been my constant companion, and every time I revisit it, it seems so much richer and so deeper. The reading itself becomes a meditation.


In his talk on the Gita, Guruji says

“There is a line in Bhagavad Gita, which is very significant. It will be good for you to remember it, or even memorize it:

anityam asukham lokam
emam prapya bhajasvaham!!

This is called the Secrets of Secret or The Royal Secret.

Anityam: Nothing in this world is permanent. Be in this world, see this world, have this world, and attain

this world, but remember that this world is not permanent. This world is Anityam – not eternal.

Asukham: Nothing in this world is pleasurable, again and again. Krishna does not say that everything in this world is sorrow. He say that things cannot give you joy, they cannot give you bliss. Anything in this world that you consider blissful, will not remain blissful forever…..If you see joy in it, then you will crave for it and that craving will bring your misery back.
So this world (Lokam) is Anityam and Asuhkham

Emam Prapyam: Having attained this, now Bhajaswaham – attain Me.

Being in this glorious world, do not  see permanance or pleasure in it. It’s neither permanent     nor pleasurable. Having attained this knowledge, you now attain Me. Being in the world, attain Me.

Anytime you feel miserable, just think “Oh my God, I forgot!! Anityam, Asukham” – and this centers you again. This dispassion can bring you to your center. It will turn the mind around. It will put the mind, which runs outwards all the time, back into its place. Then, you are back home. That is meditation.

On this day, let us commit ourselves to go back to this wonderful knowledge that Lord Krishna gave us.


3 thoughts on “A Commitment to go back to the knowledge!

  1. Raj,

    Have you read Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Baghavad Gita? I loved it….very simple and well-written (good and appealing use of language).


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