Back from a wonderful course at Mundra, 60 kms from Bhuj, in Kutch District of Gujarat. Never in my wildest dreams could have I imagined that I would be travelling to remote corners of the country to teach the Art of Living Corporate Program. I continue to be amazed by the rich talent pool that our country has. The folks in small cities/towns also come to the course with a sense of openness, to learn, to imbibe and to take in as much as they can within a short span of time. One can feel the sense of ambition permeating all around.

The company (I don’t disclose the name of the Organizations, so please do not ask 🙂 ) which is in the stage of inception, opted for the Apex Program in order to build a sense of belongingness and bonding within the Organization. They are a start up with high energy, enthusiastic workforce that came in from different parts of India. The participants were a mix of Senior Leadership including their Managing Director, HR Head, Finance Controller, Plant Operations Head etc , mid management and also fresh new joinees. In fact the Organization had also flown in folks who were yet to join the organization, but were serving their notice period in previous organizations. Needless to say we all had a blast! The HR Head after the program came by and told me and Sunil (my co-faculty on the program): “We decided to have this program to cultivate a sense of team spirit within the organization, today I tell you we achieved much more than that in a relatively short span of time and I am certain that we will achieve the goals what we had set to do”. As a Art of Living trainer, we are used to getting fulsome praise and it doesn’t really surprise us anymore, but nevertheless the acknowledgement was so genuine and it came right from the heart and it really made us humble. This opportunity to reach out and touch people lives is a gift of grace!

After a year of teaching corporate courses, making several mistakes, at times coming out elated from sessions and at times absolutely dejected, learning from every situation, improvising myself, experimenting in my Part 1 programs, I am now really, really enjoying teaching the program. I go and sit to teach with a sense of ease and comfort that had so far eluded me . I think I have become more natural and also far more centered. And in two words – “it shows”. Earlier if someone had a bad body language in the class, it used to effect me and I used to direct all my energy at that individual. Now I come from a different space altogether and have learnt how to draw the person into the same space. Not for a second, am I claiming that I have become an expert, but my journey towards excellence has began and I am enjoying every bit of it.

And then last evening it was back to the Ashram to be in the presence of Guruji. For couple of days, maybe it was the outside food, the quality of my mediation was poor, last evening as I sat in the presence of Guruji, I closed my eyes only to open them at the same time that Guruji did. What a deep meditation! The Q&A was superb as well. Two answers that I really liked:

Q. Can we aspire for something higher like enlightenment at the age of twenty one?

Sri Sri: Definitely. You should aspire for enlightenment and enlightenment is unconditional happiness, unconditional love and a life in which you are in the driver’s seat. You must aspire for enlightenment. Right from when you recognize to aspire anything in life. Go to the highest first and all the good things will come along, you don’t have to make an effort for it.

When I say you don’t have to make an effort, I mean you don’t have to sit and worry about it. When you aspire for the highest, your action will be spontaneous and in the spontaneity you will see things have started falling into place.

Q. How do we gear up for enlightenment?

Sri Sri: Wanting it, itself is half done. The rest is a little discipline and you should know that you will get it. It will be given to you. That’s why you have the path, the guru. You will just get it. Shama jali hai tere liye, tujhko kuch nahi karna hai (The candle is lit for you, you don’t have to do anything). You don’t have to do anything just be hollow and empty from inside.

So come, let’s aspire for the highest and see where it takes us 🙂


One thought on “Enlightenment

  1. Now that I am in the seat of teaching like Raj I realize what it means to convey the highest knowledge.
    You cannot acquire knowledge you can only imbibe it.It dawns on you a lot of times.And when you are addressing people with that alertness you learn again and again.
    The knowledge is new ..every time…Punarnava!!
    These moments are moments of Gratitude for being chosen one.
    No Parallel!!
    I never sought enlightenment.E word meant leaving everything and going away.Now I learn from my GURU that it is about LIVING.

    What a way to live.

    Lets aspire for the highest and see where it takes us!! YES!

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