Kurnool and Karnataka floods. Dejavu all over again!

Having a little bit of experience contributing towards Tsunami and Bihar flood relief operations, I am looking with apprehension and fear the unfolding scenario in Kurnool and Karnataka; it is an established fact that we have no disaster management system in place. Well meaning individuals, NGOs get together and try in to step in and fill in the vacuum that a trained and monitored agency should be doing.

It is a matter of time, before we see requests pouring in for Monetary contributions, clothing, medicine, foods, essential supplies such as clean drinking water, etc. It is deja-vu all over again!

Couple of things: If you are donating money, check the credentials of the agency before donating. Second refrain from donating old clothes. If you want to donate clothes, buy new pairs and donate.

I have a bunch of things that I feel like writing on Disaster Management, but the only thing that I can recommend is please go and spend at least couple of days volunteering your time and effort towards the relief activities, do however much you can do, that is the only way you can make any significant difference. Rest all is meaningless.


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