The “Now” in The What Matters Now ebook

Via Rajesh Setty, I stumbled upon “What Matters Now”. Seth Godin and a group of people have written a fantabulous ebook called “What Matters Now” – one page on what they are thinking about as the new year rolls in. Phenomenally good idea and I love this ebook.

However, given the title, they are missing one key ingredient, that is there in the title, but missing in the book, so I will go ahead and add it.


Being truly alive is being here and being now. In this moment.

Thousands of years ago, Buddha said “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment, wisely and earnestly.”

Stop, right here, right now, and take a look at the mind. It is rarely here in the moment. It is either in the past, romanticizing it or feeling low thinking about some past gone events, or it is at the other end, in the yet to come future, worried and tense about the outcome.

Think of it, like a leaking tap, our attention is scattered everywhere, but not here.

This very moment, is pregnant with possibilities.

This very moment, allows us to live all possibilities in life.

All it takes for our lives to change, is but a moment.

Anything can change any time, in any manner. The whole world is a field of probabilities, possibilities.

All the creativity, springs forth from attending to the now.

How does one get to stay in the now?

There is a secret. Want to know it?

The only thing, right here, right now, in the moment, available to us, is our breath.

Can you breath in the past or the future? If it was possible we would procrastinate our breathing to the weekends or heck, maybe even outsource it.

Within the breath lies a thousand untold secrets.

To be in the moment, to be in the now, is possible by attending to the breath.

A few minutes of Pranayams, A few minutes of Sudarshan Kriya, can transform our life, allowing us to stay in this moment, in the now, day in and day out.

And then watch the amazing journey of transformation.

And then delight in knowing the “now”, till we reach there, these are all words, mere words.

PS: All that I have learnt about breath and its secrets, is from my Master Sri Sri RaviShankar; and I am a volunteer faculty with the foundation facilitating the very popular Art of Living Part 1 program and the Art of Living’s Corporate Leadership Program.


2 thoughts on “The “Now” in The What Matters Now ebook

  1. Well said Raj. Iam now growing with my children and realizing how they already know to experience the ‘now’. Somehow as we grow older we get lost.
    There is this inspiring book ‘The power of Now’ you can add to your library as well.

  2. Dear Vaishali,

    I still haven’t read the Power of Now yet, someday for sure.
    And yes, we can learn from children of being in the moment. They are the true teachers.


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