How does He know?

In a APEX session yesterday, there were about 25+ people in the room, when Guruji called in from Orrissa to address the new APEX faculty members….. And there was chaos as everyone started talking at the same time and then Verinica from Argentina, in that cacophony of sounds said “Missing you Guruji…” and instantly Guruji responds, “Oh, is it Verinica?” and starts to correspond with her in Spanish?? And then turns over to Ramesh and asks “achcha, who else is there?”

And I am left wondering, is that a question that he needs to ask at all.


One thought on “How does He know?

  1. I remember I asked Guruji a couple of questions and left it in the basket.I was wondering if he’ll know its me.I even left my name of one of the questions..just in case he wants to know..well!!.In the crowd of nearly 4-5000 people at VM that day when my questions were asked he looked straight at me and replied to both…now I don’t quite remember the answer as I was too stunned that he was actually looking at me…!!!

    I think he has siddhi’s if it is not an understatement. 🙂

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