Sagar mein ek lehar…..

Sevak writes a very beautiful experience with Guruji on the Art of Living Values blog:

One night, in Ranchi, India as he was eating dinner at 10.00 pm after returning from the public talk of ~10000 people, we got a phone call that a busload of volunteers(~45 or so) had made it to the venue an hour away from where we had just returned. The bus carried villagers from remote parts and could not make it to the venue on time owing to mechanical problems. I was in the room with him as he quickly cut short the dinner, and started scouting the area to see if the bus can be brought there-turned out it couldnt. Before I could even get a whiff of what was happening-he was in a car and on the way to the venue-an hour away-at 10.30 in the night!

We went there and he met the people, who were telling stories for gratitude. He waited for the other bus which was with these folks, until 1.30 am at night…after which he told them to come to his place of stay-where we reached around 2.30 am. As I went upstairs with him the last thing he told me was-if they come in the next hour, I shall come and meet them now else after 7 am. I was so touched by his commitment that words failed me! How much care for the people!! How much honor for their devotion! Day after day, year after year-he lives exemplifying commitment to service!

For me and Meena, like millions of others, it is nothing less than infinite grace to be touched by His presence and His teachings.

Today is Guruji’s 55th birthday! As the world celebrates, we join in as well, to reiterate our commitment to the path and the teachings.



One thought on “Sagar mein ek lehar…..

  1. Hello Raj!! Very nice blog 🙂 I am from Ranchi too 🙂 Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience of Sevak:) I’ll surely visit your blog regularly 🙂 Jai Gurudev 🙂

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