Corporate leaders and one question about Kriya and Meditation.

So how does one explain as to why one needs to do the practices – of SudarshanKriya, Meditation etc. – to someone who is not open to listening?

There are times, when I keep quite and I pray and hope that some day, and hopefully not too late in their lives, they get to experience the joy, the happiness, the bliss that one gets out of Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation.

Today was one such day, I just had to let things pass.

Imagine you are in a closed room with only a tiny keyhole to view the world outside, and as long as you keep looking through the keyhole, everything looks so small, so tiny and so far away. And then you stumble upon the key, open the door….and now you have a completely different view of the same landscape….the trees look more greener, the grass so inviting, the warmth of the sun, the richness of life…

As long as I keep on peeping into my life through a keyhole, my vision will that be of the keyhole, but the second I am willing to step down from the head to the heart, ie., let go of my own prejudices and have an open mind to experience what life has to offer, I have stepped out from a room with a keyhole, to a much larger vision, then the richness of life dawns.

And then it stuck me, that one of the significant improvements in my own life has been to that of moving away from narrowness of petty likes and disklikes in small stuff such as the food on the table to more bigger stuff in life that I wouldn’t want to write here about :-).

Without the practices of Kriya and Meditation, I don’t think I would have been aware of this and would have been living my life in the quadrant 4 of Johari’s window.

As a manager or a leader, our ability to deal with situations also improves when one is aware of our own blindspots and unknowns.

The one word answer to the questions most folks ask in corporates, what will I gain by doing Kriya and Meditation is: “Self-Knowledge”.


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