The 3rd Yama – Asteya.

The third yama, asteya, means non stealing. Guruji says, If you look at somebody and say how nice if I had a voice like them, you have already stolen their voice. You look at someone looking beautiful and think, Oh, how nice if I were to have looks like that, you have stolen. Do you see what I am saying? This creates jealousy.

Astheya eliminates jealousy. Non-stealing. People steal many things, someone else’s poem, some one else’s techniques, things. Comparing yourself with others and wishing for what they have is asteya, and will inhibit your ability to live peacefully.

People who steal they remain poor. The effect of non-stealing, if you are committed to be sincere, non-stealing – sarvaratnopalapati – all the wealth comes to you effortlessly. A little intention to steal can keep you poor.  Most of the time poverty is self-made. A person wants to be sneaky and try to get, grab as much as he can, that is where his luck goes down the drain. Non-stealing brings all the wealth.


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