7 niyamas of spirituality

It has been a blessing for us to be in the presence of Swami Madhusudhan ji. Last night after a beautiful Guru Puja and Satsang, he spoke so beautifully on life and integrating knowledge.

Swami Madhusudhan ji

He talked about 7 rules of spirituality with beautiful stories and examples, will leave the stories out of the post here. In a nutshell here are the points.

1. Everything is being taken care of.

2. Nothing wrong will happen in your life. Coal has to be burnt to become a diamond.

3. The highest seva is to keep yourself happy.

4. Spiritual journey is of constant transformation. One must learn to embrace change all the time

5. Broaden your vision. Accept all new changes in the world at the same time deepen your roots

6. Be content.

7. I won’t be doing justice to the last point, if I write about it here, this one has to listen in person.

And if you are in Bangalore this weekend, you can probably catch up on a beautiful puja and knowledge session this Sunday evening in HRBR layout. Give me a buzz if you want to attend.


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