Secret of Spiritual Enlightenment

Am reading Uddhava Gita currently, posted the following on FB wall yesterday morning.

Hear me, O Uddhava,
As I tell you the secret
of Spiritual Enlightenment.
Neither Yoga nor Samkhya,
Nor Dharma, nor the recitation of scriptures,
Nor Sanyasa, nor valuable social works,
Nor even charitable acts;

Not vows of fasting,
Nor acts of ritual worship,
Nor repetition of mystical mantras,
Nor arduous pilgrimages,
Nor upholding the yama and the niyama
will bring your mind under control
as quickly as association with the wise
such satsanga, O Uddhava,
has been the elevation and
enlightenment of many.
– Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 7

since Guruji had come to Bangalore yesterday morning, I drove after work straight to the Ashram, though Guruji didn’t speak in the Satsang, Swamiji did and what he said almost mirrored the above paragraph. He said “Parmatma ki pyaas kaise jagti hai? Satpurush ke nikat hone se, Satsang mein hone se” (Roughly translated, the thirst for divine, comes only with association with the Wise one, by being in Satsang).

Feeling so very fortunate.


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